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Say Yes in the West: Revealing the Splendor of Andrea and Paco's Puerto Rico Destination Wedding.

We invite you to embark on a journey with us through the captivating love story of Andrea and Paco in this exclusive Puerto Rico destination wedding.

Reliving Andrea and Paco's Love Story

Join us in reliving the splendor of Andrea and Paco's love story, intricately captured in this captivating wedding film. From the preparations at the seafront Rincón of the Seas Hotel to the iconic ceremony at Mayagüez Cathedral, every frame is infused with elegance and emotion, creating a visual gem that transcends ordinary wedding storytelling.

Say Yes in the West: The Key Theme

'Say Yes in the West' is not just a catchphrase; it's the heart of this enchanting wedding tale. As we explore the vibrant landscapes and cultural richness of the West Coast of Puerto Rico, Andrea and Paco's celebration becomes a testament to the perfect blend of tradition, sophistication, and the playful touch that defines high-end Puerto Rico destination weddings.

Venue Highlights and Dream Team

Discover the exquisite venues that served as the canvas for this unforgettable day:

- Preparation: Rincon of The Seas-Grand Caribbean Hotel

- Reception: Mayaguez Resort & Casino

Vendor dream team, including Janette Velázquez Wedding & Event Planner, Keren Photography, Kala Eventos, Dúo Romanza, Revolution Sound & DJ's, and others, seamlessly brought this destination wedding to life, crafting an experience of joy, celebration, and timeless memories.

Say Yes in the West: Your Invitation

In closing, we extend an invitation to couples dreaming of a Puerto Rico destination wedding. Say 'Yes in the West' and let your love story unfold against the backdrop of the West Coast's rhythmic waves and stunning landscapes. Your dream wedding experience awaits with the finesse and elegance that only the West Coast of Puerto Rico can offer.


Kind Words

Can't explain the perfection of this video!!!!

I laughed and cried watching this video!!! (I've watched it 200 times already)!! This was the best day of our lives!! Thanks Souls Anchor Studio for capturing everything so perfectly! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I recommend you guys 100%!!!!


Mayagüez, Puerto Rico | Andrea & Paco Wedding Film

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